Yoga styles & descriptions


Power Flow 1

This full body workout is designed to increase strength, balance and cardio while connecting you to your breath. Beginner friendly, this class is a building block to the fundamentals of Vinyasa that will work every muscle in your body. Heated to 85 degrees to make you sweat, detox and transform.


Power Flow 2

Come and sweat it out. This energizing class picks up the tempo with a slightly faster pace and more challenging postures while still connecting mind, body, and breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you will take your practice to the next level. Heated to 90 degrees to make you sweat, detox and transform.


This class is a high intensity yoga class paired with fast flows and transitions through arm balances in advanced poses to burn fat, increase muscle, and fine tune focus. Tap into your own power and unleash your potential with this energizing and challenging flow.  Heated to 95 degrees to make you sweat, detox and transform.

Power Flow 3


Strength stems from your core, find your focus as you dig deep in this low slow flow that will challange yet awaken and scuplt you on all levels. This class is perfect for beginners with it's  deep stretches, core specific strengthening focus, chill vibe and unique power that comes from slowing down a bit and quieting the mind. 

Deep Core Flow


our amenities & yoga boutique

We have showers, yoga mats, towels and water for purchase or rent, as well as a world class yoga boutique featuring Teeki, Lululemon, Truckee Love and more. We sell yoga wear for both men & women, we offer private yoga, massage and much more.