yoga and dance
styles and descriptions


Vinyasa Flow 

This energizing class picks up the tempo with high intensity flow paired with sun salutations, warrior, arm balance, and inversion series, and faster transitions  working toward advanced poses to burn fat, increase muscle, and fine tune focus. Come and sweat it out with us as you tap into your own power and unleash your potential with this activating flow, that is designed for, yet will challenge, all levels. Let us take you to new levels in our heated Tahoe temple heated to ~90 degrees designed to detoxify, sweat and transform. Tap into your own power and unleash your potential with this energizing and challenging flow. 


Power Hour 

This full body workout is designed to increase strength, balance and cardio while connecting you to your breath. Beginner friendly, this class is a building block to the fundamentals of Vinyasa Flow that will work every muscle in your body, and free your mind. Heated to ~85 degrees to help you sweat, detox and transform in only one hour of true power. Tap into your own power and unleash your potential with this energizing and challenging flow.  


Strength stems from your core, find your focus as you dig deep in this low slow flow that will challenge yet awaken and sculpt you on all levels. This class is perfect for beginners with its deep stretches, core-specific strengthening moves, chill vibe and unique power flow that comes from slowing down a bit enough to quiet your mind, and transform your body from the inside out. All levels welcome, always. 

Deep Core Flow


Sudeeka Tribal Belly Dancing

Every class will start with a warm-up. We will drill shimmies, undulations, and basic movements to build your strength, coordination, and confidence. Ariel will also teach the beautiful, improvisational, and FUN dance moves of Sudeeka Tribal Bellydance. Each week we will expand further on the previous class's content, increasing complexity, and growing your dance vocabulary! Every class will complete with a cool-down and stretch. This class is beginners level, no previous experience is needed. Everybody welcome!Just bring your self, maybe a friend, some water, and wear what you feel comfortable dancing in!


our amenities & yoga boutique

We have showers, yoga mats, towels and water for purchase or rent, as well as a world class yoga boutique featuring Teeki, Lululemon, Truckee Love and more. We sell yoga wear for both men & women, we offer private yoga, massage and much more.