200 hour radiant flow yoga alliance yoga teacher training

Dive Deeper into the flow with world-renowned teachers Shaelah Morris, Mike Richardson, Janet Stone, Manoj and Jyothi Chalam will take you on a journey like no other. 

This training is not only the perfect start to your 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification, but it also counts toward your 300 or 500 hours with Yoga Alliance. This training is highly philosophical and spirituality oriented yet  will give you the tools to take your teaching to a higher level whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran. 

Yoga Teacher Training dates TBD.


yoga alliance certifications

Our Yoga Alliance Certification program was carefully designed for serious students of yoga who want to deepen their practice as well as for those students who wish to become teachers themselves.


Not only will Shaelah will lead you into a discovery of self like you have never imagined, but Manoj and Jyothi Chalam will offer their superior teaching on the Vedanta’s and Hindu Archetypes. And Janet Stone will simply rock your world with her grace, spirit and knowledge. This incredible opportunity for learning, growth and stepping into your power is matched by no other. There really is no reason not to join us in diving deeper into your own yogic experience with these masterful teachers in the beauty of Lake Tahoe. 

This intensive teacher training is a must do for all people desiring to expand their wealth of knowledge of the ancient teachings
and philosophy.

Leading this amazing experience is master teacher,  Shaelah Morris. Shaelah is the founder and owner of Yoga Studio Tahoe and 3 other studios that she has sold and are still going strong. Her devotion to teaching and leading workshops, retreats and training has only grown stronger over for the past 16 years. She proudly holds her E-RYT 500 hour certificate from the Yoga Alliance and has over 2000 hours of yoga teacher training.  Shaelah’s deep devotion to the yoga community has been recognized all around the world, yet she calls Tahoe home for her love of skiing, Lake Tahoe and the mountains. She is passionate about sharing these teaching with all those who desire to learn and proudly offers this special training to you. She truly believes in only offering the best teacher trainers at Yoga Studio Tahoe and has hand picked these incredible master teachers to join her in this training in order to enhance your experience to the fullest.

  • Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit Mantra, Chanting, Pranayama & Meditation
  • Yoga Anatomy, Asana & Alignment & Awesomeness
  •  Powerful & Dynamic Sequencing
  • Connect with Your Tribe
  • Find & Free Your Voice 
  • Receive your 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification 

This teacher training is designed to help you find your Dharma, or purpose in life and is truly designed to have you teaching the
moment you graduate. 

"The real obstacles in your life are not out there, they are within you." Manoj and Jyothi Chalam discuss the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist deities in this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Whistler 2014. With their gentle guidance, we explore the idea of a universal connectedness and learn how to cultivate and quiet our internal awareness.

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Please note: We believe yoga intensives teacher trainings are the most powerful way to learn and become a guided teacher right away. We invite you to dive in fully and immerse yourself into this training problem full on. This 40 day Yoga Teacher Training program is transformative beyond measure. Sign up now to begin this life changing journey.

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In the true essence of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of love, service, and devotion, we are here to serve you, to hold you sweetly through this journey, and lift you up, always. There is always a way to make your dreams come true. Scholarships and work study programs are available in order to help you manifest your dreams for those that qualify.